My July: Birthday Cakes and Baking Honors

Aperol Cupcakes 1
It happens every year. July begins and I feel both hopeful and slightly terrified at once: the year is half over (yikes!), yet it’s a chance for renewal and lots of celebration. But in a blink, the lively month is at its end. The frosting splatters I find in my house remind me of the festivities I’ve been fortunate to be part of — which this year were more bustling than ever. (Stay tuned for recipes I’ve been dreaming up but haven’t had the chance to perfect yet.)

Jacobs birthday cakeIt started off with the birthday of our newest staff member at the office, whose big day coincided with his first day at work. In the whirlwind, I failed to take a full photo of his cake, but imagine this one with tart cherry juice and cherries swapped in for the blueberry elements, and with its swirly meringue edges nice and toasted. [Tip: everyone should bring a kitchen torch to work once in awhile.]

A few days later, my husband turned 40!  We decided to have a tiny barbeque where I served this summery cake, frosted with a bit of lime-speckled cream cheese icing and topped with a mountain of sweet nectarines. The day seemed truly magical and left the birthday boy feeling grateful and, most of all, loved — exactly my wish for him.
Jacob birthday party

Little David turned four soon after that, and while I couldn’t stay long at his picture-perfect party, I was honored to provide the cake custom made to his very specifications: chocolate cake, vanilla frosting and strawberries — with some extra chocolate cupcakes to match. And then, before I knew it, my father in law, my office mate, a few dear friends, and even yours truly had turned a year older. What a compilation of lovely lives to celebrate!

Aperol cupcakes 2

And the icing on the cake* this July was a new opportunity: a kind Campari publicist asked if I’d make my Aperol Spritz cupcakes for an exclusive SF party at the end of the month. After a quick, healthy dose of my typical what-ifs, I said yes. After all, I’d baked for big gatherings before — it’s just that I’ve usually known the hosts. This time, I only knew of the party’s hostess, and I was flattered, honored, and ready to bake!
*pun intended

Cherry bourbon bars

So even though I don’t have a new recipe to share with you yet (like the iced cherry bourbon bars or sesame mango cookies I’ve been testing), I’m full of inspiration from the birthday-baking extravaganza that was my July. I hope yours was fantastic, too, and I’d love to hear about it in the comments. See you in August!


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6 Responses to My July: Birthday Cakes and Baking Honors

  1. Erica says:

    Sounds like it was a wonderful July for you, full of wonderful happenings and delicious things. I am happy to hear that J. had a nice birthday, and I hope yours was wonderful as well. And your packaging for the Aperol Spritz cupcakes you made for the event looks great!

    • Thank you so much, dear Erica! I know that July was very eventful for you, too, and I feel grateful to have such a thoughtful friend who finds the time not only to share sweet comments here like this, but also to send the sweetest cards imaginable!

  2. Lilly Sue says:

    Wonderful! These all look and sound yummy! And congrats on being asked to bake for that party! I hope it turned out great. Happy August! 🙂

  3. Ah, I wish I was in Berkeley for all these festivities! I’m happy to hear that you are having a great summer filled with lots of sweets and lots of love! Happy Birthday!!

    • We wish you were here, too, Catherine! You are so missed! I hope you had a great July birthday; if you’d been here, we would have celebrated you, too — but we can always do our half birthdays in January 🙂

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