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Candy Cane Coconut Sherbet

For decades, my Grandma re-used the same dusty candy canes on her Christmas tree. So as a kid at her house, I was neither allowed to eat them nor tempted by them. While I’ve long loved them as an adornment, it … Continue reading

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Blood Orange Poppy Seed Cake

Jose, who runs my favorite taqueria, puts his heart into his work. It’s delightful to hear the passion in his voice when he talks about recipes, family dishes, and thoughtful ingredients. When he told me he’d been looking at my … Continue reading

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Green Artichoke Cake

I started daydreaming of artichoke-laden desserts around the same time that I discovered Pablo Neruda’s fabulous poem Ode to the Artichoke: “…For the final act, we reveal its deliciousness, plucking it leaf by leaf, and devour the peaceable dough that … Continue reading

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Chocolate Teacakes with Raspberry and Lavender

Over time, I’ve found that lavender and chocolate can form a mouthwatering marriage, where the decadence of each is somehow mellowed and complemented at once. The depth of chocolate is met with unexpected earthy tones, often with crisp bits of … Continue reading

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Raspberry Poppy Seed Meringues, laced with liqueur

By day, I’m an office lady for a group of lively humanities departments. It’s a privilege to get to work with such a talented and diverse bunch, and I like knowing I’m supporting a vital but undervalued part of education. … Continue reading

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